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Inside the Hasidic community

Rock Center

Dr. Nancy Snyderman gave viewers a rare glimpse into the growing community of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, New York.  Their members strive for total devotion to the Talmud or Ancient Jewish laws- meaning they dress modestly, married women cover their hair and many have never seen a movie or watched television.

Editor’s note: We want to clarify our online report about the Hasidic community, which included comments made by Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz.  The story did not reflect his views on reporting sex abuse to law enforcement authorities.  We apologize for any misimpression our previous online report created for Rabbi Berkowitz and the Hasidic community.  Rabbi Berkowitz told us he is committed to the prevention and the reporting of suspected sex abuse to law enforcement.  We asked him to sit down for a web chat to discuss his views on how to deal with sexual abuse and to talk more generally about the Hasidic community. Click here to watch Dr. Snyderman's interview with Rabbi Berkowitz. 

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Nechemya Weberman, left.

Also in the web story, when we were reporting on the conviction of Rabbi Nechemya Weberman for sexual abuse, we included video of a man who is not Weberman.  This story also included a  picture of Weberman, shown here. We apologize for the error.