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Mother and daughter injured at Boston Marathon bombing reunite at hospital

By Monica Alba
Rock Center

Sydney Corcoran and her mother Celeste were both seriously injured in the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. Sydney, a high school senior, suffered shrapnel wounds to her legs and severed her femoral artery. Her mother lost both legs below the knees. They, along with Sydney’s father Kevin and other family members, were near the finish line to cheer on Celeste’s sister, Carmen Acabbo, who was running her first marathon.

“Life will never be the same, but she can still hug me,” Acabbo said about her sister. “She's my very best friend. And I'm just so thankful to have her in whatever capacity I do.”

After the bomb went off, Kevin stayed by his wife’s side, while strangers rushed to his daughter’s aid. Before he had a chance to check on her, Kevin says Sydney was already moved to another location. By a small miracle, Sydney and Celeste ended up at the same hospital, where they each underwent several surgeries this week.

Immediately after the attacks, their cousin Alyssa Carter knew she needed to do something to help. She launched an online campaign in Sydney and Celeste’s name using GoFundMe.com. The family hopes to raise at least $500,000 to cover hospital bills and health insurance. People have donated more than $400,000 in three days and it’s currently the most popular campaign on the site.

Kevin has been humbled by the response so far. “What occurs to I would think anybody in this situation is, ‘How are we gonna afford to pay for everything?’"  he said. “You realize that with their help, you are gonna be able to get through this and pay the bills.”

Along with photos, the family is posting constant updates about Sydney and Celeste’s conditions on the crowd-sourcing website. Rock Center will be following the Corcoran family’s amazing story of resilience and recovery in the coming weeks.