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The Normal Bar: Are you in a normal relationship?

Rock Center

The Normal Bar, hitting bookshelves Tuesday, explores what normal is when it comes to relationships between romantic partners.  Natalie Morales sat down with one of the authors, Chrisanna Northrup for an upcoming interview airing Friday, February 8th at 10pm/9c on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Northrup teamed up with two experts, sociologists Pepper Schwartz and James Witte, and together they launched a massive online relationship survey gathering responses from almost 100,000 people around the world. They asked everything from how much people trust their partners, to what makes them happiest, to their sexual habits.

So what does a modern couple look like? The answers are revealing.  

Weigh in after the jump and tune in this Friday to NBC's Rock Center and Today to see where you place with couples from around the world. 

Please be patient while survey loads. . .