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Rock Center
January 17

In the latest episode of Rock Center, Harry Smith's two-part report on the Church of Scientology includes an exclusive interview with Paul Haggis, the most famous person from Hollywood to ever leave the faith and talk publicly about it.  He also chats with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright whose latest book, "Going Clear," examines the controversial religion.  In the second part, one family describes serving in Scientology's highest religious order, "Sea Org," and their struggle to leave the faith.

WATCH: Award-winning author Lawrence Wright on his process

Also, Chelsea Clinton travels to one of Kenya's poorest neighborhoods where a trailblazing school is changing hundreds of girls' lives. NBC Sports' Bob Costas discusses the fallout from Lance Armstrong's doping admission. And finally Rock Bottom where Brian Williams shows you four puppies you have to see.

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In part two of Rock Center's in-depth look at Scientology, Harry Smith hears an unsettling story from one family who served in Scientology's highest religious order, "Sea Org." The parents allege they were pressured to have an abortion and later forced to live separately from their daughter. When leaving Scientology, the family says it was billed more than $100,000. The Church of Scientology denies all these allegations. 

In the Kibera slums of Nairobi, one school for girls has become a lifeline for the community. The school is the brainchild of an American woman and a man from Kibera who found love in one of the most unlikely places. Rock Center Special Correspondent Chelsea Clinton reports. 

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NBC Sports' Bob Costas joins Rock Center to discuss the confession by cyclist Lance Armstrong that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career, including during his seven Tour de France wins. Costas discusses the fallout from the admission.

From a 1:1 scale collector's train to a mishap in Google's Street View, to big news from the Jersey Shore, to the crowning new achievements at Huggies, to Wrangler's new moisturizing jeans, to a Scottish red-tailed deer, to four puppies we just can't stop watching – Brian Williams reports on the news you may have missed this week.