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Meet the families from Andrew Solomon's 'Far From the Tree'

Rock Center

The central question of Andrew Solomon's new book, Far From the Tree, is: How do parents love children who are different than they are? Solomon talked to 300 families over 11 years about  deafness, schizophrenia, even child prodigies. In the hundreds of cases he examined and documented on tape, life doesn't always turn out the way it's planned. One chapter deals with the spectrum of Autism.

Solomon told Rock Center's Kate Snow, "With an autistic child, you have to learn a different emotional language."

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Another chapter, he titles, "Dwarfs." When doctors told Clinton Brown's mother her child had growth hormone deficiency and probably wouldn't survive, she was frightened and refused to see her child for three days.

"She thought for a couple of days and then she said, 'That's my child. And I want to take my child home,'" Solomon said.

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