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Election Day: Rock Center's reporting from the campaign trail

Rock Center

It has been a long year of campaigning and throughout the campaign season, Rock Center with Brian Williams has been along for the ride.  

From embedding with each Republican candidate during the primaries to experiencing a day in the life of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's Body Man, Garrett Jackson to flying on Air Force One with President Obama, Rock Center has been at the center of the election.

Paloma Veloz/NBC News

Through our travels we've met a lot of familiar faces, including Stephen Colbert, Bill O'Reilly, Ann CoulterJay Leno, Ann Romney and her five sons, and maybe some not so familiar faces such as George Manukas, who we dubbed as the most important person in this election.  

WATCH: Rock Center's full Decision 2012 coverage

After you cast your vote we hope you can join Brian Williams and the NBC Politics team tonight live from Democracy Plaza starting at 7 P.M. Eastern Time on NBC.