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In the midst of his struggle with PTSD, love letters help Sgt. Loftus rebuild his family

Rock Center

Louis Loftus, the Army veteran whose struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was chronicled on Rock Center, said that he repaired his fractured relationship with his girlfriend by doing the same thing that made her fall in love with him while they were separated by war: writing love letters.

When Loftus returned from Afghanistan, his struggle with PTSD caused his relationship with Deidra Lopez, the mother of his son, to crumble.  While broken up, Lopez suggested that they start writing to one another again.

"I told him, emotions can be written down a lot better than being said sometimes," Lopez said.  "And it was easier to write it than to tell him to his face.  You know, it kind of eased me into it and eased him into doing the same thing."

Slowly, they began to mend their relationship.

"We've always loved each other," Loftus said. "We've taken a few small breaks, you know, but, we're really trying hard to work on it, you know, make things work."

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