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Bedside Manners: Health care consulting company agrees to $2.5M settlement

By Alison O'Brien
Rock Center

In an update of a story Rock Center aired on June 28, 2012 regarding bedside collections in the emergency room:

On Monday, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and Accretive Health agreed to a settlement after a six-month legal case.  The settlement contains no admission of liability or wrong doing by Accretive. 

Accretive, one of the largest health care consulting companies in the United States, agreed to pay nearly $2.5 million and will not provide services to clients within the state of Minnesota for two years.   An attorney for Accretive says the company was confident it would win in court but agreed to the settlement “in order to prevent this matter from being a continued distraction.”

Editor's Note: NBC's Mike Taibbi investigated claims from a number of Minnesota patients that, in the midst of their medical emergency, they were approached and asked for payment. The claims sparked Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson to investigate the payment practices at a group of hospitals in the state. Taibbi's report, 'Bedside Manners' originally aired June 28, 2012 on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.