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Teen whose family is fighting to change bone marrow donor law gets transplant

Rock Center

Jordan Flynn, the teenager featured in Rock Center’s report about her family’s fight to overturn bone marrow donor laws, recently received a bone marrow transplant. 

Courtesy of Flynn Family

Flynn and her two sisters, Jorja and Julia, suffer from Fanconia Anemia, an incurable blood disorder. Jordan received a bone marrow transplant on May 8. In her online journal, Jordan’s mother, Doreen, described the transplant as a “re-birthday to my beautiful daughter.” Jordan’s blood counts have continued to rise, evidence that Jordan’s body is accepting her donor’s stem cells.

In her most recent posting from earlier this week, Doreen Flynn wrote, “Today’s counts showed Jordan's platelets have soared to 246,000 which is fabulous! We had one fabulous donor!!”

Courtesy of Flynn Family

While Jordan has made remarkable progress and was officially discharged from the hospital last week, her recovery hasn’t gone without complications. She spent her 14th birthday this week back in the hospital, but was released the next day.

“I just realized that as I write this it is technically Jordan's birthday! Happy birthday to my beautiful girl who has taught me strength and to be a fighter! You are one tough cookie and up you are my hero!!,” Doreen Flynn wrote in her online journal.

Despite the ups and downs, Jordan’s fighting spirit has remained firmly intact. Sporting pink hair and a smile, she recently skyped with her classmates to celebrate her eighth grade graduation.

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Rima Abdelkader contributed to this report.