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Soccer star Brandi Chastain tells how young players can protect themselves

Rock Center

Brandi Chastain, the star soccer player who helped the United States win a World Cup, is on a mission to get out a message to young girls playing soccer: the best way to avoid concussions is to sharpen their skills.

A growing number of girls are getting injured from concussions on the soccer field. Some experts have questioned whether the act of heading – when players attempt to use their foreheads to direct the ball – should be removed from youth soccer. Chastain strongly objects to that idea.

“It’s a part of the game and I think it’s an important part and I think it’s a beautiful part of the game, to be honest with you,” she told Rock Center's Kate Snow.  “I would never want to see that go away, but there’s a right way to do it. There’s a protective way to do it.”

Chastain said that along with learning how to properly head a ball, girls need to learn how to create a protective space around their bodies when they play soccer.  In this online exclusive, Chastain demonstrates techniques that can keep young girls safe on the field.

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